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Helping you reveal the investible truth with best-in-class private placement market data dating back to 1995

As the leading provider of private placement data, we offer a reliable, unbiased and highly-specialized source of data that allows you to make more confident decisions in an ever-busy-environment.

EPFR’s PlacementTracker provides real-time, specialized data that has been conceived to easily blend into your processes. Supported by our team of analysts and experts, our clients can run reports quickly, saving time to focus on unlocking maximum value.

Cataloging private placements since January 1, 1995, EPFR PlacementTracker’s interactive database includes over 57,000 transaction profiles, over 3,200 placement agent profiles, over 25,000 investor profiles, and over 1,200 legal counsel profiles.

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Example of PIPE Candidate search

The above is an example PIPE Candidate Search. Companies and numbers are not real.

The leading source for research, data and analysis covering the PIPE and Private Placement markets

EPFR’s PlacementTracker is used across the globe in media, academic and government publications, as well as sell-side and buy-side firms.

Our web-based database enables you to:

  • Evaluate private placement transactions and investors
  • Perform quick transaction pricing
  • Identify potential issuers and investors
  • Compile comparable deal, investor and agent statistics

Monitor competition

Using EPFR PlacementTracker’s fully-searchable database, you can monitor the competitive landscape, build pitch books and comps lists, conduct trend analysis, prospect for new clients, and find investors for existing clients with our search tools and customizable email alerts.

How it works:
We ensure real-time data updates through proprietary search techniques, while our analysts meticulously track the complete lifecycle of transactions spanning up to 36 months.

We also provide:

  • Deal summaries
  • Customizable email alerts for transactions, placement agents, and more
  • Analyst access
  • Dynamic league tables
  • Sourcing documents and highlighting for all US-based transactions

With subscription packages for investment firms, issuers, and law firms of all sizes, PlacementTracker provides solutions for all participants in the private placement and PIPE markets. Our customers include:

  • Institutional investors who are active in the PIPE market
  • Advisory firms looking for valuation data
  • Boutique, middle and bulge bracket investment banking firms looking to better represent public company clients

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