EPFR Global Events & Webinars

Welcome to EPFR’s Global Events Hub, where you can find upcoming (and archived) webinars and international trade shows we’re attending. Whether you’re looking to connect with industry experts or monitor the pulse of fund flow and asset allocations data, you’ve come to the right place.

Future Events

"EPFR Market Insights: ESG and Electric Vehicles"

Market Insights: ESG and Electric Vehicles

Join the EPFR team on July 11th for a 20-minute update on the current trends shaping global money funds, From Electric Vehicles to the latest tariffs imposed by the USA and the EU on China, and their likely implications in the remainder of the year.

11th July 2024

Past Events

"EPFR Market Insights: Central Banks Update"

Market Insights: Central Banks Update

Join EPFR’s Director of Research, Cameron Brandt, to analyze the changes in investor sentiment when the majority of the world’s central banks meet in the midst of potential interest rate changes.

14th June 2024

"BattleFin NYC, May 21-22, 2024, New York"

BattleFin Discovery Day NYC

We will attend BattleFin NYC to delve into strategies aimed at empowering quantitative managers and analysts to improve their capacity in forecasting market trends.

New York City – May 21-22, 2024

"EPFR: Neudata, June 4th 2024, New York City"

Neudata Summer Data Summit

We are participating in Neudata to explore how quantitative managers and analysts can predict market trends with greater precision and generate Alpha.

New York City – 4th June 2024

Webinar: Sell in May and go away

Webinar: Sell in May and go away

EPFR’s CIO, Sayad Baronyan, and Research Director, Cameron Brandt, will explore the road ahead and the key issues facing investors during Q2 and Q3.

May 15th, 2024

"Battle of the Quants, May 9, 2024, New York"

Battle of the Quants NYC

We’re attending Battle of the Quants in New York to discuss new data sources and demonstrate our innovative quantitative strategies aimed at discovering the next Alpha.

New York City – 9th May 2024

"Webinar: Equity Research"

Equity Research Webinar

In this 35-minute webinar, key members of EPFR’s research team will use the company’s datasets to illustrate how to analyze equity markets following recent global polarizing events affecting them.

April 18th, 2024

"Neudata April 25, 2024, Hong Kong"

Neudata Data Day APAC

We’ll be at Neudata to explore strategies for quantitative managers and analysts to enhance their ability to predict market movements.

Hong Kong – April 25th, 2024

Image reading "Market Insights: ESG Update"

Market Insights: ESG update

Learn about the influence of SRI/ESG on financial markets data and its effects on sector and industry fund flows.

April 5, 2024

"Market Insights: GEM Ex-China Funds"

Market Insights: GEM Ex-China

EPFR’s research team will highlight recent fund flow trends and take a deeper look at the China versus ex-China debate that has intensified in recent months.

April 11, 2024

Image representing "Webinar: Will Japan's rising tide lift other boats in Asia?"

Will Japan's rising tide lift other boats in Asia?

Haver Analytics, in collaboration with its long-term partner and fund tracker EPFR, will explore trends shaping investment flows for Asia’s economic heavyweights.

March 26, 2024

Image representing "Neudata London Summit, March 26 2024"

Neudata London Summit

We’re attending Neudata to discuss how quantitative managers and analysts can anticipate market moves more effectively. 

London – March 26, 2024

EPFR Market Insights: Gold Funds

Market Insights: Gold Funds

EPFR’s Research Associate, Kirsten Longbottom, and Global Head of Customer Solutions, Steve Muzzlewhite, shed some light on Gold Funds’ recent performance and the impact this could have on investor sentiment towards this sector group.

1st February 2024

Events Quant Strats New York City

Quant Strats

We were at Quant Strats in New York to help shape the debate around new data sources and showcase our leading quant strategies to help uncover the next Alpha.

New York – March 12, 2024

Webinar 2023 lookback

2023 Lookback

During this webinar, we looked at key takeaways from 2023 and outlined what our fund flows and asset allocations data could be signaling for the year ahead.
Market Insights Liquidity outlook

Market Insights: US liquidity outlook

Join EPFR’s Director of Research, Cameron Brandt, and Senior Liquidity Analyst, Winston Chua, for an overview of key trends emerging in the US liquidity market since 2020.

Market Insights On ESG

Market Insights: on ESG

Learn about the influence of SRI/ESG on financial markets data and its effects on sector and industry fund flows.

Market Insights Retail flows

Market Insights: Retail flows

Join Quantitative Analyst Azalea Micottis to discover how to boost your retails flow use cases with EPFR’s Fund Flow data.

Market Insights Money market insights

Market Insights: Money market

EPFR’s iMoneyNet team shares key trends we’re seeing on asset allocation, yields and maturities for money market flows, as we head into Q2 2023.

Market Insights Emerging Markets in Asia

Market insights: Emerging markets in Asia

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine shifted investor sentiment towards China, India and other APAC emerging markets in 2022. Are they keeping momentum in 2023?

Market Insights Investor Sentiment & The Collapse of SVB

Market insights: Investor sentiment post SVB’s collapse

Following Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse, we use EPFR Fund Flows and Allocations data to measure the real impact on investor sentiment.