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Founded in 1992, CEIC curates the highest quality and most timely economic data from traditional and high frequency alternative sources, enabling economists and investment professionals to understand the development and near-real time performance of the markets they cover. Data is available for over 200 countries and territories, with a specific focus on emerging markets through deep, country-specific databases.

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Fintech Sandbox

At Fintech Sandbox, their mission is to advance innovation in Financial Services by providing a highly curated group of fintech entrepreneurs access to data, infrastructure and a supportive community. As a result, Fintech entrepreneurs are able to build products that make the industry more inclusive. Through their Data Access Residency and by partnering with the broader fintech community, Fintech Sandbox are committed to providing entrepreneurs with free access to critical data and resources in order to build their early-stage products.
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Haver Analytics

Delivering precision data for 45+ years and counting.

Haver Analytics is the premier provider of time series data for the global strategy and research community. In addition to their primary-sourced databases, Haver Analytics also carries a wealth of key survey and forecast data from their industry partners. Those engaged in macro research, strategy implementation, and risk management, can count on Haver for detailed global statistics and the rapid delivery of reliable data, supported in full by their staff of experienced economists. Work more efficiently and be confident in the data behind your analysis.

Haver Analytics

Quant Insight

Quant Insight empowers investment professionals to build better portfolios through data-driven macro analysis. Traditionally, macroeconomics has been dominated by individuals providing commentary on market trends and economic conditions without providing empirical information. Quant Insight optimises their investment process, by offering tools to analyse and respond to various macro factors that are impacting their assets.

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SigTech is a web-based SaaS platform, serving as a one-stop shop for hedge funds and asset managers, that leverages generative AI for data validation, research/back-testing, portfolio construction, and deployment.

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