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EPFR provides a deeper view of the market to show where money is moving across geographies, sectors, industries and securities, enabling the global investment community to make intelligent decisions based on solid facts.

Our best-in-class Fund Flows and Allocations Data helps you reveal the investible truth by looking at market trends, investor sentiment, liquidity, risk signals and corporate actions, and can tailored to your specific use case.


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Industry-leading timeliness and granularity


Supports both top-down and bottom-up asset strategies


Illustrated analysis of key factors driving current flow trends


Critical insights at macro and stock levels


Unique views on investor and fund manager sentiment


Insight into the fixed Income fund market at a bond ownership and security level

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Data tailored for your unique strategy

Our experts work with you 1-on-1 to assess your use case and ensure that you are getting the best inputs and most actionable insights for your needs.

EPFR is a global company built on service and helping the investment community gain a deeper understanding of what’s really happening.

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Riding the waves in liquidity funds

Riding the waves in liquidity funds

In the face of this uncertainty, and the unwillingness of major Western central banks to suspend the battle against inflation, investors continued to cut risk, increase their exposure to China’s rebound story and steer cash into liquidity funds.

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