EPFR Debuts New Brand Identity, Commemorating Next Phase of Evolution in Delivering the Intelligence Behind Intelligent Decisions

Boston, MA – Jan. 18, 2023 – EPFR, the industry leader in providing fund flows and asset allocation data to financial institutions globally, unveils its new brand identity with a refreshed website, logo and mission statement.

Financial institutions across the globe can view EPFR’s refreshed look and learn about its solutions and services by visiting epfr.com.

For over 25 years, EPFR has been a prominent force in helping the financial services industry find investible truths by offering an unparalleled understanding of how money is moving and why, through its legacy fund flows and allocations datasets. With a combination of timeliness and granularity, EPFR enables clients to find signals and identify trends through the noise, and its team of subject matter experts help investors understand the truth within the data. EPFR remains dedicated to this mission by supplying clients customized intelligence needed to make confident investment decisions.

“Since 1995, EPFR has built a legacy of providing investors with factual evidence to make confident investment choices while adapting to the needs of our clients, two factors that will continue as we move into our next phase of growth,” said Todd Willits, CEO of EPFR. “Our goal moving forward is to tightly integrate with client workflows through new product automation and increased granularity, helping them scale their businesses quicker than ever. As such, clients will obtain increased access to EPFR’s in-house experts to guide product application and data interpretation.”

EPFR’s current solutions suite includes its flagship macro-level Fund Flows and Allocations dataset, security-level flows data (e.g., Stock Flows & Allocations, Fixed Income Flows & Holdings) along with its specialized flows, allocations and markets data (e.g., Hedge Fund Flows, China Share Class Allocations, FX Allocations, iMoneyNet money market fund data, PlacementTracker private placement markets data). In addition to its proprietary datasets, EPFR delivers clients insights derived from data research and analysis from its deep bench of industry thought leaders.

“Success in the investment industry is dependent upon making intelligent decisions based on a meaningful understanding of what is actually occurring,” added Willits.

Leanne van der Hoeven, Chief of Staff, Marketing and Strategy of EPFR, reflected upon the firm’s future plans: “EPFR lives and breathes asset movement with high frequency, has a global perspective, and it’s all built upon a depth of data and expertise that is distinctly unique. We are committed to scaling and expanding our offering to grow alongside our clientele.”


About EPFR:
EPFR provides fund flows and asset allocation data to financial institutions around the world. Tracking over 150,000 traditional and alternative fund shares classes domiciled globally with more than $46 trillion in total assets, we deliver a complete picture of institutional and retail investor flows and fund manager allocations driving global markets. Our market moving data services include equity and fixed income fund flows on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and monthly fund allocations by country, sector and industry. For more information, please visit https://epfr.com.

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