EPFR Unveils Fund Flow Data Partnership with CEIC

London, 4 June 2024 – EPFR, the top provider of intelligence on global fund flows, is pleased to unveil a partnership with CEIC, the leading source of macroeconomic data and analytics for the world’s fastest-growing economies.

CEIC is now offering EPFR’s fund flows and asset allocation data alongside its own comprehensive macroeconomic analytics to deliver a superior toolkit for investment professionals. CEIC users will be able to combine EPFR data with 3,500 other data sources through its platform and customizable charting tools or via its enterprise-ready API and R/Python.

This relationship combines the strengths of two data powerhouses with special expertise in developed and emerging markets. CEIC users will gain even greater insight into who is moving money, and how, in a broader economic context.

“Financial markets and macroeconomics are often thought of as separate worlds, but in reality, fund flows are closely interlinked with the forces shaping the global economy,” said Stephen Pulley, Chief Executive Officer of ISI Emerging Markets, CEIC’s parent company. “Adding EPFR’s wealth of data in that space cements CEIC’s role as a one-stop shop for informed insights and decision making.”

EPFR datasets* available on CEIC’s platform include Fund Flows, Country Allocations and Country Flows. Users subscribing to CEIC’s global package will receive complimentary access to EPFR monthly Country Flows, allowing subscribers to examine how money moves into nations and regions in all fund categorizations.

“Partnering with CEIC is a natural step in our growth strategy,” said EPFR Chief Executive Officer Todd Willits. “CEIC is a leading macroeconomic data and analytics provider, and integrating our Country Flows, Fund Flows and allocation data across their platform is an important milestone.”

“Both CEIC and EPFR originated as emerging markets-focused information and data firms around the same time, and we are thrilled that this partnership will help us extend our reach in the Asia-Pacific region. We look forward to continuing joint projects, including the use of EPFR’s fund flow data to enhance the performance of CEIC’s macro-nowcasting tools,” added Willits.

*To access the full EPFR dataset, a supplemental subscription is required.


About EPFR
EPFR is the industry leader in providing fund flows and asset allocation data to financial institutions worldwide, delivering an unparalleled picture of institutional and retail investor flows and fund manager allocations driving global markets. Tracking over 151,000 traditional and alternative fund-share classes domiciled around the world with more than $52 trillion in total assets, and covering 93 percent of global equity fund products as measured by assets under management, EPFR’s clients include the world’s biggest banks and money managers. For more information, please visit https://epfr.com/.

About CEIC
Founded in 1992, CEIC curates the highest quality and most timely economic data from traditional and high frequency alternative sources, enabling economists and investment professionals to understand the development and near-real time performance of the markets they cover. Data is available for over 200 countries and territories, with a specific focus on emerging markets through deep, country-specific databases. Visit www.ceicdata.com

About ISI Emerging Markets Group
ISI Emerging Markets Group incorporates CEIC, EMIS, and REDD – three brands renowned globally as the leading providers of data, news analysis and research on the world’s highest-potential countries. Visit: www.isimarkets.com

For press enquiries, please contact media@epfr.com

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