A lookback at 2023 and trends to watch in 2024

Although 2023 defied neat summaries, the headline Four C’s and an I would capture much of what moved global markets – and fund flows – during the year. Investors sought exposure to China, ChatGPT and cash, steered clear of commercial real estate and the banks that fund that sector and obsessed about the direction of key interest rates.

Heading into the Year of the Dragon, however, the search for value is taking investors to Latin America, rekindling their appetite for ESG themes, and prompting them to revisit out-of-favor asset classes, such as European equity and emerging markets debt.

Throughout the session, EPFR’s CIO, Sayad Baronyan, and Director of Research, Cameron Brandt, looked at key takeaways from 2023 and also touched base on the latest signals that our fund flows and asset allocations data is showing for 2024.

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