Flows for all SRI/ESG Funds ballooned in 2021, collecting a record yearly total of $462 billion in 2021 alone. Their influx cooled in 2022 and they have since then been choppy, as stricter requirements to being classified as SRI or ESG came in to play.

During this 20-minute Market Insights, Global Head of Customer Solutions, Steve Muzzlewhite, and Research Associate, Kirsten Longbottom, will give you an overview of each major asset group through the lens of SRI/ESG, and explore how we see them playing a role in Sector Funds using our EPFR Fund Flows & Allocations data.

Our speakers will also deep dive into Energy Sector Funds and other major custom groups that provide a “clean energy” alternative.


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Weekly fund flows highlights – 31st July 2023

Weekly fund flows highlights – 31st July 2023

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