EPFR in the news – April 2024


April, 26

Reuters Japan – Capital inflow into bonds and stocks; largest in Japanese stocks since May 2013 – BofA
Bond funds continued to see inflows in the week to Wednesday, Bank of America’s weekly survey showed, citing data from EPFR.

BNN Bloomberg – Wall Street Humbled as Fast-Reversing Markets Confound the Pros
Investors who had been bailing from equities and junk bonds found themselves diving back in this week, according to Bank of America citing EPFR data.


April, 22

Singapore Business Times – Time to retire the ‘ESG’ label on funds
EPFR also recorded sustained outflows from equity funds with socially responsible or ESG mandates.


April, 19

Bloomberg – Traders Are Cashing Out of Markets En Masse
Redemptions from stock funds reached $21.1 billion in the two weeks through Wednesday, the most since December 2022, according to Bank of America citing data from EPFR.

Bloomberg – At 5% Yields, Investors Find It’s Worth Paying for Actively Managed Bond Funds Again
Collectively, US bond and exchange-traded funds attracted inflows of about $159 billion in the first quarter, according to data compiled by EPFR.

MarketWatch – Money-market funds hit with largest weekly outflow in roughly 5 years: BofA
Investors pulled $140.14 billion out of money-market funds in the past week, the most since at least May 2019, according to Bank of America citing EPFR.

Reuters – Investors pull money from cash to pay tax bills, sell US stocks – BofA
Cash equivalent funds saw a $160 billion tax-related outflow in the week to Wednesday, according to a Bank of America’s weekly report that cites fund flows and asset allocation from data provider EPFR, while U.S. stocks suffered their second week of outflows.


April, 18

Bloomberg – ‘Mag Seven’ Get Crushed Before Next Week’s Results: Markets Wrap
A team led by Michael Hartnett said good economic news is now bad news for stocks, a shift in mindset from the first quarter when “good news = good.” Evidence of this is the $21.1 billion investors redeemed from stock funds in the two weeks through Wednesday, the most in a fortnight since December 2022, BofA said, citing data from EPFR.


April, 16

Finanz und Wirtschaft – Stock Market: Outflows
Stocks are currently becoming less popular, as shown by the capital flows where, last week, over $19 billion flowed out of all funds tracked by EPFR.


April, 12

Bloomberg – Poland’s Turnaround Shows Cost of Populism as Hungary Trails
EPFR data tracking flows to funds whose mandates allow them to invest in these two countries show Poland’s relative outperformance since the elections. Since mid-October, Hungarian bond and equities funds have seen nearly $600 million in outflows, with Polish equivalents losing about half that amount.

Reuters – U.S. large cap stocks see biggest weekly outflow in 16 months, says BofA report
US large caps saw $15.8 billion of outflows in the week, while stocks in general saw outflows of $19.6 billion, Bank of America said in its weekly round up of flows in and out of world markets using EPFR data.


April, 10

Nikkei – Inflows into European stocks and bonds
According to EPFR data, cumulative net inflows have ballooned to $30 billion (approximately 4.5 trillion yen) from the beginning of the year to April 3.

Nasdaq – Stocks Finish Lower as Sticky Price Pressures Dampen Rate Cut Hopes
Bank of America reported that EPFR data showed US equity funds had $11 billion of inflows in the week through February 14, the most in seven weeks. However, the breadth of the S&P 500 is currently the weakest since 2009, as the top five stocks in the index have fueled 75% of its gain so far this year.

CNBC-TV18 – Stocks Finish Lower as Sticky Price Pressures Dampen Rate Cut Hopes
Cameron Brandt, Research Director at EPFR shared his view on China market inflows, and the surge in gold and other metals. Cameron also highlights that India continues to retain a strong position in fund inflows among emerging markets.


April, 7

Bloomberg – Wall Street Searches for AI Winners Across Emerging Markets
A Taiwan-based fund, Yuanta Taiwan Value High Dividend ETF, got $5 billion of fresh deposits in the week through April 3, reversing EM-wide outflows for the period into inflows, according to EPFR data.


April, 5

Bloomberg – Workin’ it: The Bloomberg Open, Americas Edition
Investors are still flocking to cash funds, and history suggests redemptions won’t begin until a year after the Fed starts cutting rates, Bank of America said, citing EPFR data.

Reuters – First-quarter flows to tech stocks third largest on record – BofA
Cash equivalent money market funds saw $81.8 billion of inflows in the week to Wednesday, the largest in 13 weeks, Bank of America said in its weekly roundup of flows in and out of world markets, citing data from EPFR.


April, 4

Bloomberg – Stock Bull Run Powers Ahead After Blockbuster Jobs: Markets Wrap
Investors had poured $7.1 billion into US stocks in the week through Wednesday, according to Bank of America strategists citing EPFR data.


April, 2

Bloomberg – FTSE 100 Live: Index Hits 8,000, UK House Prices Unexpectedly Slip
EPFR wrote a report late last week showing traders are the most bullish on gold futures in almost year, concluding this by calculating the long-short ratio in the market, which climbed to a 45-week high. The number of long, or bullish, positions outnumbered short, or bearish, positions by about 4.2-to-1 at one point last month.

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