EPFR in the news – December 2023


December, 26

The New York Times – Downturn or Not? At Year’s End, Wall St. Is Split on What’s Ahead.
Most investors disagreed with Mr. Lee’s prognosis; in 2023, they pulled more than $70 billion out of funds that buy U.S. stocks, according to EPFR data.


December, 21

Money FM 89.3 Singapore – US Markets Wrap: Did the Fed policy meeting give Santa the green light to rally?
Cameron Brandt discussed how the final US Federal Reserve policy meeting of the year gave Santa the green light to rally. Brandt shared insights on how he thinks the energy state is going to do in the next year.
Investor’s Business Daily – With Fed Set For Pivot, Have Money Market Funds Peaked? These Stock Market Alternatives Await
According to EPFR’s Director of Research, Cameron Brandt, despite mammoth stock market gains money market fund inflows could persist until US interest rates start to decline.


December, 19

The Wall Street Journal – Stock Market Today: Dow Rises, Putting Fresh Record in Sight
According to EPFR data, investors poured a net $24 billion into US focused equity mutual and exchange-traded funds, the largest daily total in a year.


December, 5

WealthManagement.com – Adjusted for Risk: EPFR’s Cameron Brandt on What Economic Factors Are Driving Fund Flows
EPFR’s Director of Research, Cameron Brandt, appeared on WealthManagement.com ‘Adjusted for Risk’ Podcast and discussed with Ryan Nauman what it will take for investors to move out of money market funds. Brandt highlights the impact cooling inflation and solid GDP has had on fund flows.


December, 4

Financial Times – Gush of cash into money market funds tipped to continue in 2024
According to EPFR data cited, almost $1.19 trillion has flooded into U.S Money Market Funds since January 1st, which was fueled by the Federal Reserve’s aggressive campaign of interest rate rises.


December, 1

CEO.com – Show up and do your best, even if you don’t have all the answers
Our CEO, Todd Willits, was recently profiled in CEO.com regarding his upbringing, lessons learned early on in his career and how he’s leveraged them leading EPFR, and where he sees the industry going next.

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