EPFR in the news – July 2023

July, 31

Bloomberg – EPFR’s Brandt on Global Markets
Cameron Brandt appeared on Bloomberg News ‘Daybreak Australia’ and shared his outlook for global markets, highlighting that flows confirm that there is a bit too much optimism when it comes to the stock market.

Nasdaq – Why Current Fund Flows Reflect a Fragile but Bullish Consensus for Global Growth
Cameron Brandt appeared on Nasdaq TradeTalks and discussed with Jill Malandrino a high-level overview of fund flows, the areas of emerging markets that are performing well, and how clean tech is a big investment theme


July, 24

Australian Financial Review – ASX to lift as inflation data and Fed rate rises loom
Tech funds attracted $1.8 billion in the week to July 19, pulling in money for the fourth consecutive week, and posting “strong inflows” over the past eight weeks, strategist Michael Hartnett said in a note on Thursday, citing EPFR data.

MarketWatch – Here are 4 of the biggest chages to the Nasdaq 100 from Monday’s special rebalancing
Overall investor sentiment turned more cautious in the week to Wednesday, as global bond funds recorded $5.4 billion of inflows, gold funds logged $1 billion in outflows and equity funds lost $5 billion in flows, Bank of America said, citing EPFR data.


July, 21

Reuters – Investors’ dash to cash may have peaked, Bank of America says
There was a net $10 billion dollars of outflows from cash in the two weeks to Wednesday, Bank of America said, referencing EPFR data, describing this as “a tentative top after $642 billion of inflows” since the US Silicon Valley Bank failed in mid March.


July, 20

Solomon Partners – Financial Information, Data & Analytics Update – Q2 2023
CEO, Todd Willits, reflects on how generative AI supports EPFR progression as a company by allowing to better address customer needs.


July, 19

CNBC-TV18 – Indian shares – a lot of money is flowing into them and much of it is coming in for the long term
Cameron Brandt discusses how India’s equity funds have witnessed the strongest flows globally and highlights how dedicated India Bond Funds are at the top of their peer group in the emerging bond fund country groups.


July, 17

The Financial Times – The Nasdaq-100 is being reshuffled so it’s slightly less tech top-heavy
According to EPFR data, $251bn in passive mutual fund and ETF assets under management are benchmarked to the NDX, plus $10bn in active funds. There’s also about $20bn of short money in the relevant ETFs, which offer a popular way to hedge long positions in growth stocks.


July, 14

Reuters – European sovereign bond funds pull in record $15 billion in second quarter
According to EPFR data, European sovereign bond funds attracted $15.15 billion of inflows in the April to June period, up from $10.44 billion in the previous quarter.

Bloomberg – BofA Strategists Say Short Stocks After Summer as Inflows Surge
Global equity funds have seen inflows of nearly $70 billion in the past seven weeks, the bank wrote in a note citing EPFR data.


July, 13

The Economic Times India – Viral Berawala On 4 Sectors That May Report Good Q1 Earnings
In previous weeks, India-dedicated flows received the highest levels in 15 years, receiving inflows of $500 million in one week, according to EPFR data.


July, 12

Money FM 89.3 Singapore – US Markets Wrap: Where are global funds flowing to in today’s changing landscape
During the ‘Breakfast with Lynlee Foo & Ryan Huang’ show, EPFR’s Cameron Brandt shared insights on his overview of the market and how fund flows are going towards the sector area, highlighting that with the exception of technology, they are going to the more defensive groups.

MarketWatch – SEC approves new rules for money market funds, critics say it will cost investors
Money-market funds now manage close to $8 trillion in assets, according to fund flow data from EPFR, and have seen greater inflows than any other major fund group since the beginning of 2022.


July, 10

MarketWatch – As money-market funds swell, critics say fat yields are taxpayer subsidized
According to EPFR data, money market funds now manage close to $8 trillion in assets and have seen greater inflows than any other major fund group since the beginning of 2022.


July, 7

Reuters – Cash assets under management reach ‘monster $7.8 trillion’, BofA says
Inflows into cash funds totaled $29 billion in the week to Wednesday, while global investors also bought $13 billion of equity funds and $9.8 billion of bonds, BofA said citing EPFR’s data.


July, 4

CNBC-TV18 – Inflows into India dedicated funds highest since 2015: EPFR Global
EPFR’s Cameron Brandt appeared on CNBC-TV18 and discussed how the inflows into India dedicated funds are the highest since Q1 2015, which could show that investors are currently seeing India as a very credible alternative to China exposure.

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