EPFR in the news – June 2023

June, 30

Reuters – Investors pour most money into Japan stocks since 2020, Bank of America says
European equities have seen outflows for the past 16 weeks, and US equities for the past two, according to the Bank of America report which referenced EPFR data.

Bloomberg – A $27 Billion Stock Exodus Shows How Investors Feel About Europe
The region’s stock funds just suffered a 16th straight week of investment outflows, taking total withdrawals to $27 billion in the year to date, Bank of America Corp. strategists said in a note on Friday, citing EPFR data.


June, 29

The Financial Times – FTSE 100 falls flat as UK misses global stock rally
Funds focusing on UK equities have experienced outflows equivalent to roughly 6 per cent of their total assets since the start of the year, according to calculations by Barclays using EPFR figures.


June, 28

Seeking Alpha – iShares 2023 Midyear Outlook
According to EPFR data, global money market funds have received nearly $800bn in inflows year to date.


June, 26

Markets Insider – Investor outflows from China jump as S&P cuts 2023 and 2024 economic growth forecasts
EPRF data said redemptions from Chinese equity funds surged to an 18-week high during the third week of June. Meanwhile, other emerging-market equity funds saw gains. For instance, India saw the biggest weekly inflow since the first quarter of 2018, while Korean equity funds saw a one-year high, taking on over $1 billion.


June, 23

Bloomberg – BofA Says Investors Are Fleeing Tech Stocks After ‘Baby Bubble’
The technology sector saw $2 billion outflows, the largest in 10 weeks, in the five trading days through June 21, BofA wrote in a note, citing EPFR data.


June, 21

The Wall Street Journal – Investors Are Putting America First Again
US stocks have suffered around $31 billion in net outflows of roughly $13 billion for global stock funds so far this year, EPFR’s data reports.


June, 19

Think Advisor – Wall Street Rally Wipes Away Year of Losses
In the last three weeks, global US equity inflows amounted to $38 billion, the strongest momentum of flows to the asset class since October, according to Bank of America, citing EPFR data.


June, 16

Think Advisor – BofA Strategist Sees Big Stock Rally, Then Big Collapse
Weekly asset flows highlights from BofA’s note citing EPFR include: Equities had about $22 billion inflows in the week through June 14, while bonds had $6.7 billion of additions; Among equity regions, US stocks led inflows at $23.8 billion, followed by Japan at $2.2 billion of additions, EM stock funds had $1.1 billion inflows, while Europe saw $2.4 billion of outflows; Tech led inflows among sectors, while utilities led outflows.

Reuters – Investors pour into equities to ‘chase the bull’, says Bank of America
Investors put $22.3 billion into stocks and took $37.9 billion from cash, the first outflow in eight weeks, Bank of America said citing EPFR data on Friday.


June, 9

Bloomberg – This Week in China: Beijing Wants a Slow Bull Market in Stocks
According to the latest weekly EPFR data, inflows to China equity funds rose to a five-week high of $5 billion.

Bloomberg – AI Frenzy Stalls as Tech Stocks See First Outflows in Two Months
Tech funds sustained $1.2 billion of outflows in the week through June 7, their first in eight weeks, according to the bank, citing EPFR data.

Hedge Funds Club – Tokyo’s sharpest minds came for a luncheon dialogue
EPFR’s CEO, Todd Willits, attended the Tokyo Hedge Funds Club Dialogue Luncheon sponsored by EPFR. A fascinating discussion on money movement, asset allocation, macro views, Japanese market drivers, governance, and more.

Pensions & Investments – ESG bond inflows beat equity funds in May – Barclays
The Barclays research report is based on data from mutual funds and ETFs that report flows and AUM to data services firm EPFR.

Reuters – Investors pile into cash, bonds ahead of key rate decisions, Bank of America says
Cash funds saw $70.6 billion of inflows, Bank of America said, citing EPFR data, on Friday. Inflows to cash so far this year have reached $837 billion, almost as much as record $917 billion in the whole of 2020.


June, 6

Les Echos – Five reasons for investors’ renewed interest in emerging markets
According to EPFR data, $39 billion has been invested in emerging equities since the beginning of the year, while $2 billion has flowed into emerging market bonds. EPFR’s Cameron Brandt highlights how emerging equity funds have recorded 17 weeks of net inflows out of the last 21, with a strong appetite for Chinese equities and ETFs.

    • Original title in French: Les cinq raisons qui expliquent le regain d’intérêt des investisseurs pour les marchés émergents

China Times – Stock funds are the most favored to buy ultra-US stocks
According to EPFR statistics, as of May 5, the overall stock fund has recently overbought over turnover, buying more than 31.148 billion US dollars in a single week, of which US stock funds have attracted the most money, buying more than 133 billion yuan in a week.

    • Original title in Chinese: 股票基金轉買超 美股最受寵


June, 4

Benzinga – US Banking Crisis Spurs $756 Billion Capital Surge Into Cash Funds, Says Bank Of America
Referring to EPFR’s data, the bank disclosed that stocks experienced their third consecutive week of outflows, amounting to $3.9 billion.

China Times – Yields as high as 8% US non-investment grade bonds contain “offense” opportunities
EPFR statistics from May to June show the overall inflow of bond funds was 10.63 billion US dollars, of which investment grade bonds inflowed 92.23 billion US dollars.

    • Original title in Chinese: 殖利率高達8% 美國非投資等級債券藏「違」機


June, 3

CNBC-TV18 – India is now a consensus overweight for Foreign Portfolio Investors!
EPFR surveyed 57 emerging market fund managers and found that the Indian market comes out on top for this group.


June, 2

Reuters – Tech shares see biggest-ever weekly inflow on AI boom, Bank of America says
Tech stocks saw $8.5 billion of inflows in the week, Bank of America said, citing EPFR data. Stocks in general saw $14.8 billion of inflows, the largest weekly inflow since February.

Bloomberg – BofA Says AI Frenzy Drives Record Inflows Into Tech
A “baby bubble” in AI was the dominant market theme in May, strategist Michael Hartnett said, with tech funds attracting an all-time high of $8.5 billion in the week through May 31, Bank of America said citing EPFR data.

Forbes Russia – Bank of America strategist warned of a “bubble” in the tech sector
Technology-focused funds raised $8.5 billion in the week ending May 31, setting a new record, a Bank of America strategist wrote in a note citing EPFR data. .

    • Original title in Russian: Стратег Bank of America предупредил о возникшем в техсекторе


June, 1

The Times – Everything you need to know about investing in AI
Artificial Intelligence ETFs have had inflows of $629 million this year, half of which was invested in the first 24 days of May, according to EPFR data.

Bloomberg – Cameron Brandt on the Markets
Cameron Brandt appeared on Bloomberg Radio’s ‘Daybreak Asia’ and discussed the impact the debt ceiling could have on the bond market. EPFR’s Director of Research highlights that investors have been remarkably calm and will continue to be so. Brandt also analyzed the money market funds “flush with cash” context, as data from EPFR reports a £600 billion inflow since mid-February, allowing to absorb the liquidity demands of a surge in federal issuance.

The Economic Times – India equity funds have seen very steady and strong inflows: Cameron Brandt
“The four fund groups that have done really well in the past six weeks have been US Money Market Funds, US Sovereign Bons, China Equity Funds and Tech Sector Funds” Cameron Brandt, Director of Research, concludes from EPFR’s data.

Reuters – Investors pile into bonds; UK stocks “shunned” in 2023, Bank of America says
Overall investor sentiment turned more cautious in the week to Wednesday, as global bond funds recorded $5.4 billion of inflows, gold funds logged $1 billion in outflows and equity funds lost $5 billion in flows, Bank of America said, citing EPFR data.

Maverick Equity Research – Maverick Charts – Stocks & Bonds – May 2023 Edition #7
Money entering money market funds are mostly coming from individual bank accounts and since the start of 2019, equity ETFs have taken in more than double what equity mutual funds have given up, EPFR’s data reports.

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