EPFR in the news – March 2023

March, 29

The Wall Street Journal – Banking Worries Fuel Gold Price Rally
Investors poured $1.26 billion into gold mutual and Exchange-Traded Funds last week, making it the largest weekly net inflow since April 2022, EPFR data reveals.


March, 28

Financial Times – Money market funds swell by more than $286bn amid deposit flight
EPFR data shows that $286 billion have flooded the money market funds in March, making it the biggest month in inflows since March 2020.


March, 20

InvestmentNews – As dust settles on banking sector, some analysts believe worst is over
“Cameron Brandt, director of research at EPFR, said the mutual funds and exchange-traded funds that invest in the financial subsector of regional banks are suddenly experiencing record inflows.
While Brandt said active managers recognized the risk that higher interest rates presented to bank balance sheets and reduced exposure to banks over the past several months, he believes that markets are now interpreting the various government backstop efforts as evidence that lower interest rates are on the horizon, which could soften the blow of a looming recession.”

The Wall Street Journal – Investors Just Can’t Get Enough of Tech
Technology-focused funds tracked by EPFR logged over $400 million in net inflows during the week ended March 15, snapping a four-week streak of outflows.

The Wall Street Journal – Gold Prices Rally Above $2,000


March, 18

The Wall Street Journal – Many Investors Are Skeptical of Jumping in on China’s Highly Touted Recovery
Cameron Brandt shared insights with WSJ’s Jeff Benjamin on how mutual and exchanged-traded funds that invest in the financial subsector of regional banks are experiencing record inflows. Brandt highlights that the trend was very clear.


March, 15

Barron’s – Where Investors Are Parking Their Cash Now
Talking to Debbie Carlson, Jay McLaughlin from EPFR notes that investors are likely using ultrashort-duration bond funds as cash-like alternatives to money-market funds – a way to capitalize on rising rates.


March, 14

Chief Investment Officer – Why Job Reshoring Is Merely a Trickle
Cameron Brandt shared insights with Lawrence Light on how reshoring is a small cross-current in the domestic economy. EPFR’s Director of Research also flagged that the talk so far has run ahead of any action.


March, 5

The Wall Street Journal – ‘Direct Indexing’ vs. ETFs: How They Match Up
EPFR data was cited by The Wall Street Journal to highlight the contrasting fortunes of US equity ETFs and mutual funds last year. During 2022, US equity ETFs absorbed over $260 billion, while US equity mutual funds had a collective net outflow of $236 billion.


March, 3

MarketWatch – Data shows investors running toward safety of cash as stock market stumbles, yields rise
Investors poured $68.1 billion into cash funds in the week to Wednesday as concerns over additional Federal Reserve rate hikes continue to rattle financial markets, according to figures from Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and TD Securities, all citing EPFR data in their weekly notes.

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