EPFR in the news – October 2023


October, 31

Reuters – Bond fund managers head for third year of losses for first time in decades
According to EPFR data cited by Reuters, which explores recent bond fund performance, US mixed bond funds are on track for their third consecutive year of negative returns for the first time in almost four decades.


October, 26

CNBC-TV18 – Emerging Asian markets showcase resilience, attracting global investors: EPFR analysis
EPFR’s Director of Research, Cameron Brandt, appeared on CNBC-TV18 and discussed why there has been a notable bias in favor of emerging Asian markets from global investors, highlighting that this is grounded in their promising economic prospects, political stability, and strong growth potential.


October, 24

Funds Europe – Social bonds to miss €200bn target
EPFR’s Director of Research, Cameron Brandt, discussed how European bond funds with SRI or ESG mandates are a part of the demand picture for European green bonds in primary and secondary markets. Brandt highlights that a drop-off inflow is a headwind for new issuance.


October, 16

The Wall Street Journal – If the Economy Is So Strong, Why Are Consumer Stocks Tanking?
According to EPFR data cited in The Wall Street Journal, investors have pulled money from consumer-goods sector funds in 10 of the past 12 weeks.


October, 15

The Wall Street Journal – Trading Stocks Loses Its Thrill: ‘I Would Get Burned’
According to EPFR data cited in Gunjan Banerji’s The Wall Street Journal article, investors have pulled around $80 billion from U.S. stock mutual and exchange-traded funds in 2023.


October, 10

CNBC-TV18 – Inflows into India dedicated funds remains above average: EPFR
EPFR’s Director of Research, Cameron Brandt, appeared on CNBC-TV18 and discussed how India maintains a strong position in the investment landscape. Brandt highlights that the intensity of flows into dedicated India funds is still above average.

The Wall Street Journal – Stocks Rise for Third Straight Day, Brushing Off Middle East Fighting
Cameron Brandt shared his views on how the markets have rallied despite the war in the Middle East. Brandt highlights that markets are still unsure about how to deal with geopolitics and how much weight to give it.


October, 9

The Wall Street Journal – India’s Booming Stock Market Is Leaving China in the Dust
According to EPFR data cited in The Wall Street Journal, foreign investors put $8.3 billion into Indian equity funds between January and August, the highest amount on record for the period.


October, 6

Nikkei Asia – U.S. IPO market still looking for big rebound after Arm
EPFR’s Senior Liquidity Analyst, Winston L. Chua, shared his views on the state of the IPO market in the U.S. Chua highlights that a lot of it is macro-based and that maybe they were anticipating the Fed was done raising rates.


October, 5

Money FM 89.3 Singapore – US Markets Wrap: Are the odds on the downside for the US consumer?
Cameron Brandt shared his perspectives on the strength of the American consumer in Singapore’s OmnyFM radio. Brandt also discussed his outlook on oil prices and how he expects them to gently drop sometime in the middle of 2024.

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