US groups shine during the first week of 2022

Continuing the pattern that emerged in the final quarter of 2021, flows to EPFR-tracked funds had a star-spangled bias to them early in the New Year. Between them, US Equity, Bond and Money Market Funds – which absorbed nearly $360 billion in 4Q21 — pulled in over $25 billion during the week ending January 5.

Despite the US Federal Reserve’s more hawkish tone and the derailing of the Biden administration’s Build Back Better spending package, investors believe there is more to come from America’s economy and stock market. This stems in part from the cash accumulated by corporations and individuals over the past 19 months which, potentially, is available to boost consumption and investment. Since the start of the pandemic, the assets held by US Money Market Funds have increased by $1.3 trillion and estimates of the ‘excess’ savings accumulated by American consumers range from $2 trillion to $3.5 trillion.

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Another turn of the screw in Europe

Another turn of the screw in Europe

The question of when major central banks will declare victory in their battles against inflation or, in the case of China, misallocation of credit and shift their focus to economic growth continued to preoccupy investors during the second week of September. Based on flows to EPFR-tracked funds, the current answers are soon (the US), not soon enough (China) and not as soon as we thought a week ago (Europe).

Keeping the powder dry in early September

Keeping the powder dry in early September

The first week of September saw EPFR-tracked Money Market Funds absorb over $65 billion as investors waited to see which way interest rate winds are blowing in the US and Eurozone. Also giving them pause for thought are the health of China’s economy, the durability of the latest bump in oil prices and the resilience of key real estate markets.

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