EPFR in the news – December 2022

EPFR in the news – December 2022

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December, 19

The Wall Street Journal – It’s a Historic Year for Buying the Dip


December, 18

The Wall Street Journal – Individual Investors Hang On in Wild Year for Stocks While Pros Sell

“U.S. equity mutual and exchange-traded funds, which are popular among individual investors, have attracted more than $100 billion in net inflows this year, one of the highest amounts on record in EPFR data going back to 2000.”


December, 16

Bloomberg – Stock Market Timers Pony Up $25 Billion and Get Another Thrashing

“Fund investors who had pulled money out of stocks for three straight weeks finally jumped back in. According to EPFR Global data compiled by Bank of America Corp., they added $25 billion of fresh money to US stocks in the week through Wednesday and poured a record $14 billion to value funds.”

Bloomberg – Investors See Fed Policy Mistake Driving Hard Landing, BofA Says


December, 12

Reuters – Funds load up on exposure Down Under as China boost awaits

“Separate data from analytics firm EPFR shows allocation to Australia within global ex-U.S. funds is rising and has hit a near six-year high of almost 15% for Asia-Pacific funds – roughly approaching market weight.”


December, 8

Barron’s – ESG Bond Funds See Small Outflows in October. Non-ESG Funds Suffer


December, 5

Bloomberg – Cameron Brandt on the Markets (Radio)

With China reopening, Cameron Brandt, Director of Research at EPFR, shares on Bloomberg Daybreak Asia how investors have been anticipating this moment by readily positioning themselves over the past six months, with the hope that China represents the great rebound story.
The question now is on the rollback of China’s zero-Covid policies.


December, 2

Bloomberg – BofA Says Sell Equities Rally Before 2023 Unemployment Shock


December, 1

Financial Times – Emerging market stocks and bonds stage powerful rebound rally

“Rising interest rates in the US and Europe have triggered record outflows from emerging market assets this year — bonds have fallen 18 per cent on a total return basis year to date, while equity prices have slipped 21 per cent — but there are signs the tide is beginning to turn. In mid-November, a small weekly inflow into emerging world debt interrupted a string of outflows stretching back to August, according to JPMorgan’s analysis of data from EPFR, a research company. Figures from the bank show $85bn have flowed out of EM bond funds this year, the biggest annual total since measurements began in 2005.”

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