Flow records abound as 2021 draws to a close

If 2020 read like a gothic novel, the second year of the Covid-19 pandemic belonged to the suspense genre. At what point would central banks decide inflation is not transitory? Will the new variants of Covid-19 do more or less damage than earlier waves? What consequences will perceptions of US weakness have in Europe and Asia?

Mutual fund investors reacted to these uncertainties – and other potential problems – by throwing money at them. Going into the final days of the year, a slew of fund groups look set to post new full-year inflow records. These included Global Equity, Cryptocurrency, Financial and Real Estate Sector, Europe and Municipal Bond and all Balanced Funds. In response to the growing Sino-US tensions, those investors committed record setting sums to US Equity and Bond Funds and to China Equity and Bond Funds.

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Opening the door to another leg up?

Opening the door to another leg up?

The final week of May ended with US lawmakers voting to lift the country’s debt ceiling, markets assigning a one-in-three chance that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates in mid-June and the price of oil testing 18-month lows. Against this backdrop, flows into all EPFR-tracked Equity Funds hit a 17-week high on the back of record-setting inflows to Technology Sector Funds and China Equity Funds absorbed nearly $5 billion.

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