Weekly fund flows highlights – 10th April 2023

In a week where the US nonfarm payroll employment reported the lowest increase since December 2020, EPFR’s Global Head of Customer Solutions, Steve Muzzlewhite, saw mixed signals using our Fund Flows and Allocations data. Key trends include:

  • US equity funds saw the eight weekly outflow in 9 weeks
  • Fourth consecutive weekly inflow for gold funds
  • High yield bond funds saw a 35-week high inflow
  • US corporate bond funds saw their largest inflow since Q2 2020
  • US money market funds reported an inflow of over $50 billion for the fourth consecutive week
  • European money market funds hit a 13-week high


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Weekly fund flows highlights – 22nd May 2023

Weekly fund flows highlights – 22nd May 2023

Our EPFR Fund Flows and Allocations data reveals money is flowing out of “Risk Assets” and into Money Market Funds and Gold Funds.

Join Steve Muzzlewhite, Global Head of Customer Solutions, for our weekly markets update. As we head towards the end of May 2023, our data shows the following:

“Risk Assets” out of favor
Latin American Equity markets win
US Bond Investors shrug off “US Debt Ceiling Crisis”

Market Insights: Retail flows

Market Insights: Retail flows

During this session, Quantitative Analyst Azalea Micottis showed how EPFR’s fund flows data can work with retail flows to uncover key insights for investors.

Weekly fund flows highlights – 15th May 2023

Weekly fund flows highlights – 15th May 2023

Following interest rate increases from both the US Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank, disparity has taken over investors. Our Head of Global Customer Solutions, Steve Muzzlewhite, uses our fund flows and asset allocations data to analyze the latest sector rotation and portfolio management strategies, and how these are impacting global markets.

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