Weekly fund flows highlights – 24th April 2023

What can our EPFR Fund Flows and Allocations data reveal about the latest investor sentiment trends? How are investors behaving towards bond funds and emerging markets?
Join Steve Muzzlewhite, Global Head of Customer Solutions, for our weekly markets update. As we head towards the end of April 2023, our data shows the following:

  • Equity funds, balanced funds and money market funds see outflows
  • Meanwhile, bond funds and alternative funds reported inflows
  • Country allocations flows: investor appetite in China and India’s equity funds continues
  • High yield and frontier market bond funds saw significant inflows
  • …And more.


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Weekly fund flows highlights – 9th October 2023

Weekly fund flows highlights – 9th October 2023

How did US equity fund flows respond to the US nonfarm payroll exceeding expectations, with over 300,000 new jobs being created? Join Steve Muzzlewhite for the latest investor sentiment trends, using EPFR’s fund flows and asset allocations data.

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