EPFR joins fintech Sandbox as data partner to promote innovation in financial technology and services

Boston, MA – (March 12, 2020) – FinTech Sandbox, a nonprofit that drives global FinTech innovation and collaboration, announces today its partnership with EPFR, worldwide industry leader in providing fund flows and allocation data to financial institutions. EPFR will make its data available to FinTech Sandbox to help fuel the future of financial innovation.

“Alternative data is top-of-mind for many of the asset managers and investment banks we work with, and the information edge that this growing market offers. Making sense of this data, however, is another challenge, and one that our teams work on every day”, said Todd Willits, Head of EPFR. “We’re excited to partner with Fintech Sandbox, and the innovative startups that come through the organization, to apply new technologies and extract value from the proprietary data sets that our clients rely on us to provide.”

FinTech Sandbox facilitates innovation in the financial sector by making data and infrastructure available to well-qualified FinTech startups at the point when such access is most impactful. These startups, in return, are expected to collaborate with each other, sharing learnings and advancements that benefit the FinTech ecosystem. Participating startups pay no fees, and no equity is taken.

“We are very excited that EPFR is joining us as a data partner”, said Jean Donnelly, FinTech Sandbox Executive Director.

More than 200 startups from around the world have been accepted as participants since FinTech Sandbox launched in 2015. Alumni include Kensho (acquired by S&P Global), Petal, TellusLabs (acquired by Indigo), and Quantopian. Companies accepted to the program have gone on to raise, in aggregate, more than $600 million.


About EPFR:
EPFR provides fund flows and asset allocation data to financial institutions around the world. Tracking over 100,100 traditional and alternative funds domiciled globally with more than $34 trillion in total assets, we deliver a complete picture of institutional and retail investor flows and fund manager allocations driving global markets. Our market moving data services include daily, weekly and monthly equity and fixed income fund flows and monthly fund allocations by country, sector and industry. For more information, please visit epfr.com.

About FinTech Sandbox:
FinTech Sandbox is a Boston-based nonprofit that promotes innovation in financial technology and financial services globally by providing FinTech entrepreneurs and startups with access to critical data and resources. FinTech Sandbox also organizes Boston FinTech Week, the world’s largest free FinTech conference, each September. For more information, please visit FinTech Sandbox and twitter.com/FinTechSandbox.

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