EPFR’s new China share class Allocations Dataset offers unique view into Chinese markets

Boston, MA – (April 23, 2020) – EPFR, worldwide industry leader in providing fund flows and allocation data to financial institutions, today announced the launch of their ‘China Share Class Allocations’ dataset. This new dataset closes a critical gap in the marketplace by providing insights into investor sentiment towards China.

“We worked closely with our clients to be the first data provider to offer this monthly China Share Class Allocations dataset, which measures the percentage of assets foreign funds are allocating to the nine different Chinese share classes. With it, investors will better understand where they should allocate to avoid crowding, how their peers are allocating assets between share classes, and how global investor sentiment is changing towards strategically important Chinese listings,” said Todd Willits, CEO of EPFR.

The dataset covers all nine China Share Classes: A Shares, B Shares, H Shares, P Chip, S Chip, N Shares, Red Chip, T Chip and ADRs, drilling-down to the manager and fund level. China Share Class Allocations measures how foreign funds are gaining exposure to Chinese companies by tracking which exchanges they are using, and the percentage of assets held in each individual share class, indicating potential volatility in those securities and risk sentiment of global investors.

China Share Class Allocations is reported on a monthly basis and includes more than 800 funds with total assets under management of almost USD $2 trillion as of March 31. The dataset covers China, Greater China, Global, Global Emerging Markets and Asia ex-Japan Regional focused funds with exposure to China as well as historical data back to 2014.

For additional information on China Share Class Allocations, please visit: epfr.com/solutions.


About EPFR:
EPFR provides fund flows and asset allocation data to financial institutions around the world. Tracking over 123,500 traditional and alternative funds domiciled globally with more than $34 trillion in total assets, we deliver a complete picture of institutional and retail investor flows and fund manager allocations driving global markets. Our market moving data services include daily, weekly and monthly equity and fixed income fund flows and monthly fund allocations by country, sector and industry. For more information, please visit: epfr.com.


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