EPFR sets sights on major investment program as independent business entity

Emerging Portfolio Fund Research (EPFR), the industry leader in providing fund flows and asset allocation data to financial institutions across the globe, announces its divestment from Informa and operation as an independent entity following investment by leading private equity firm Montagu.

With this partnership, EPFR will leverage its core competencies to develop new, specialized datasets that unlock previously untapped insights for buy-side and sell-side investors across the US, EMEA, and APAC regions. In addition to cultivating new data sets and more granular insights that help identify timely investment trends, EPFR will innovate a toolkit of analytics, visualizations, and factors to streamline investor workflows.

“We’re thrilled to embark upon this next phase of our evolution as a stand-alone entity,” said Todd Willits, CEO of EPFR. “Montagu has an established track record of supporting the rapid expansion of highly specialized firms with niche, high-value offerings like ours, and this partnership highlights the unique position we occupy in the market as a premier data and insights provider. With Montagu’s support, we’ll have greater autonomy and a new platform to pursue ambitious growth plans on behalf of our global clients and investors”.

“EPFR exhibits many of the hallmarks of a Montagu investment, a market leader with a track-record of robust growth and strong client relationships. We are excited to partner with the EPFR team and fulfill the company’s growth potential,” said Montagu Director, Pascal Ambrosi.

The new partnership sees EPFR continue to provide solutions, including its flagship macro-level Fund Flows and Allocations datasets, unique FX Allocations, Hedge Fund Flows offerings, Money Market Fund and Private Placement data. EPFR also provides investors with security-level insights through its China Share Class Allocations, Stock Barometer, and Fixed Income Flows and Holdings datasets.

For more information about EPFR, please visit: epfr.com.

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