Olivia Blaszkowski

Olivia Blaszkowski, Data Analyst at EPFR, works on both the quantitative research and client support sides of the business. She is knowledgeable about EPFR data sets and strategies; with this, she is constantly helping improve client experiences and is able to provide a variety of new content. This can include information and resources for clients, new research and discussions centered around uses for EPFR data.

Prior to becoming a Data Analyst, Olivia had one year of experience at EPFR as a Quantitative Analyst Co-Op while she was earning her bachelor's degree. During this time, Olivia built her knowledge of the industry and developed a thorough understanding of EPFR’s data by working on a variety of different projects.

Olivia received her B.S. in Applied Mathematics, with minors in Data Science, Computer Science, and Business from Wentworth Institute of Technology in May 2021.

Specialties: Fund Flows
USA 2+ years of Experience